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Latvia as your homeland

It does not matter why you want to move to Latvia. In fact, it is not so important where you are living now. It is irrelevant if you're moving alone or with loved ones. It also doesn't matter whether you will move permanently or call Latvia your homeland for a while.

The only thing that matter is that you have decided to move to Latvia.

To succeed, you have to make the right decision

The intention to move always brings challenges. Choosing to move requires making different decisions - both about life after moving and about the process of moving. Anyone in the vortex of moving has found himself when it seems impossible to evaluate all decisions, but at the same time, it is essential to make only the right decisions.

Imagine how much easier moving would be if you only had to make one decision about the moving process, and that is to entrust moving to the professionals, to us who know how to do it best.

One decision and you are released from worrying about how to start the move, where and how to pack things, transport them safely, and arrange customs formalities. Professionals will take care of and organize everything to smoothly manage your household move and placement in the new home.

"The only real thing we can give to another is our life experience."

/ Juris Rubenis /translated by A.Usans

My name is Aivars Usans, and almost for 30 years, I have been helping my clients to start their new happy lives in their new residences. I am so glad for every new client, and I feel genuinely honored when clients appreciate our service and entrust me with moving arrangements again.

The idea of a moving service as my profession arose when I experienced moving to Holland and later back to Latvia. The moving service back then was not nearly as convenient as the one I offer my clients to enjoy now. However, it still allows me to empathize with my clients' pre-move anxiety, understand my clients' concerns about moving, and provide the most convenient and thoughtful service.

With solid confidence, I can say that my personal and professional experience and knowledge allow me to ensure the safe transportation of household goods and help in arranging customs formalities.

We are a family business, and our work is a matter of the heart to our entire team.

We work for the comfort and well-being of our customers with genuine passion, professionalism, and sincerity.

We are pleased to share our professional knowledge and experience.

Our main goal is to ensure that the moving process is simple and convenient for all our customers. If it is also important to you - let's get in touch!

Aivars Usans

FF International Movers

CEO | owner

We have answers to all your questions

How to know the volume and price?

What is required for customs?

What is allowed to import in Latvia

How to find reliable moving company?

How much will cost the moving service?

How long will take to get items to Latvia?

Does the insurance cover household move?

Will furniture be assembled in my new residence?

Shall I pack all by myself or that will be done by movers

How to ensure that things won't get lost or damaged?

To make sure you have all answers about the move

If you want to schedule a conversation at a convenient time, fill in the necessary information and choose the most suitable time. The appointment will be automatically added to my calendar.

Advantages and benefits of choosing
FF International Movers

Moving experts, professional staff, packaging material, technical support, information, document forms, and knowledge of the nuances of customs and legislation - all that and much more are at your fingertips.

Experience: Team of moving experts.

Confidence, absolute privacy and care: a foreseeable, planable future, a clear plan of action and a predictable outcome.

In-depth knowledge of moving and the transportation industry. All necessary information, documents, forms, and permits are required for customs procedures.

We do not disclose any private information, we do not ask questions about the things we move.

Safety: We work with partners we know and met personally.

Fixed, pre-agreed service costs. We will find the best and most economically beneficial optimal service solution according to your criteria and values

At all times, the household is under our direct responsibility - it and the property of third parties are additionally protected by third-party liability insurance.

Timing: Optimum shortest service delivery times.

Care and personal attitude: One contact person - personal consultant;

will coordinate all processes, follow up and inform in detail about everything happening. Even if your plans change, we will observe the changes and adapt

Easy and convenient communication: One click, email, or call, and everything will be taken care of.

Your reliable moving and relocation service provider: FF International Movers

Moving process: step-by-step  


Fill out the application and we will contact you

Will reach out in person or via electronic means of communication. Will talk in detail about the required services, critical criteria, and locations.


Preparation of the offer

Virtual or physical pre-move survey to evaluate the volume and scope of work. Internal tender - communication with our trusted industry partners and transport companies to determine the best service and price. We agree on the terms of service and other details.


Packaging, documentation and shipping

If you want to pack exceptionally private things by yourself, will deliver the required packing material. A professional team arrives at the agreed time: the household is packed and prepared for safe transportation. If necessary, transported through the warehouse. Preparation of required transport and customs documents.


Preparation to receive the household in Latvia

The shipment is on its way to Latvia. We will inform you about the estimated arrival time and start planning the delivery process. If the consignment enters outside of Europe, will prepare the necessary documents and complete the customs procedures.



Will deliver the consignment to your new residence in Latvia at your convenient time. On the day of delivery, we will unpack all on the flat surface, furniture assembled and used packing material disposed of. 

List of documents for tax exemption

Do you know if by moving to Latvia as a permanent place of residence and submitting the required documents, you can import your personal belongings, including a car, using tax exemptions?

Please leave the information below about yourself and download the TOP 5 documents to be submitted to customs.

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Customer Stories | Feelings | Experience

High-quality service! 

Fast replies, wonderful respectful, and kind communication. 

I have ordered to pack a painting to a wooden box. A handmade box specially designed for my painting. 

The packaging was made with incredible care and quality. All insurance standards met. 

A personal receipt was made and sent by email.

I was notified as soon as the order was completed, not a minute was wasted. 

Timing, delivery, production, communication, service - all 5 stars. I really recommend it, from the bottom of my heart! 

Outstanding professional service and communication. Understood the requirements and provided quotes in a timely manner.

The request was to package, load, and unload and move my entire household from one country (LV) to another (Switzerland) with customs clearance.

The service was provided with high standards and punctuality.

Hence I definitely recommend "FF International Movers" as a service company for your all kind of move.👍

... the best transportation and moving company ever.  

They are not just Super professional team, but also very quick one.  

I had arranged to move my personal stuff to other country with one other transportation company and they messed it up totally informing me that they wont be able to transport my stuff basically the night before when container loading was planned. FF Int Movers was saving the situation and got everything organized almost within an hours. Not even a day!  

Perfect service with critical and time sensitive shipments!! Amazing and very careful attitude to clients!

Our professional expertise

All we do is with personal attitude, respect, care, and soul. We cooperate only with proven agents we know personally, with impeccable reputations, and those who share high service standards, values, and best mindsets toward the customer.

FEDEMAC (the European Movers Federation)

PAIMA (The Pan American International Movers Association)

IAM (The International Association of Movers)

The International Association of Movers (IAM) is the moving and forwarding industry's largest global trade association. With more than 2,000 members, it comprises companies that provide moving, forwarding, shipping, logistics, and related services in more than 170 countries.

FEDEMAC, the European Movers Federation, established in 1959 and headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. FEDEMAC includes the best moving companies and suppliers in the moving industry. In total representing the interests of more than 1.600 professional moving companies in more than 27 European countries

The Pan American International Movers Association is an exclusive network of international moving companies.

PAIMA encompasses members in key areas of the world and embraces a commitment to the core values of personal service and high-quality door-to-door service


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How to find us

Do you want to meet in person to discuss the moving process in the components? You are welcome to visit our office. Let's get to know each other and discuss all the details of the moving process.

I am usually in the office for most of the working day, but I also regularly meet and visit clients; I am on business trips and travel.

I prefer to meet with you, so I will be happy if we arrange a meeting in advance.

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